01. The city usually puts [restrictions] on water use in the summertime in order to prevent shortages.
02. Children can't see this movie; it's [restricted].
03. The government is determined to [restrict] the number of imports in order to protect the domestic market.
04. A large fence [restricts] access to the area.
05. Since his operation, he has been [restricted] to food without any spices.
06. Immigration laws in this country are becoming increasingly [restrictive], due to pressure from the right wing parties.
07. The government is planning on introducing more [restrictive] immigration laws to reduce the number of false refugee claims.
08. Giosue Borsi once said that the great thought, the great concern, the great anxiety of men is to [restrict], as much as possible, the limits of their own responsibility.
09. Traffic in these lanes is [restricted] to vehicles with 3 or more passengers.
10. Laws in that country severely [restrict] freedom of expression.
11. During the Classical period of ancient Greece, women ventured outside the house mainly for religious purposes or to attend festivals which were [restricted] to women.
12. The Taliban government in Afghanistan enforced codes of dress and behavior that were especially [restrictive] to women.
13. Industrial growth in Panama has been [restricted] by the country's lack of natural resources.
14. [Unrestricted] dumping of chemicals and sewage into the Baltic Sea has badly polluted Estonia's waters.
15. Up until about 50 years ago, women in Tunisia were [restricted] to the home.
16. President Chen of Taiwan recently suggested that holding a referendum on independence for the island nation was a basic human right that cannot be deprived or [restricted].
17. [Restrictions] on tobacco advertising and sponsorship are key parts of a global treaty being organized by the World Health Organization to reduce smoking.
18. There is a [restriction] on the number of pets you can have in this apartment building.
19. By [restricting] the number of students we accept from any given country, we are able to guarantee a multicultural mix in our ESL classrooms.
20. [Restricting] access to pornography is seen by some as unacceptable censorship.
21. In the beginning of democracy in America, the right to vote was [restricted] to white male property owners.

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